Membership Fees


Senior                                     £37 per calendar month – or £148 per term or an annual payment £444

Junior                                     £28 per calendar month – or £112 per term or an annual payment £336

University                               £29.60 per calendar month.

Visiting fee                             £10 per session

Senior membership applies to all fencers attending senior sessions available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings (7:30pm to 9:30pm).

Junior membership applies to all fencers attending junior sessions available on Monday and Thursday evenings (6:00pm to 7:30pm).

Banking details:


AC 46534563         Sort 56-00-63

IBAN: GB78NWBK56006346534563    BIC: NWBKGB2L

Membership fees are to be paid by standing order on the 15th day of each calendar month, 12 months per year.

Please do NOT cancel your standing order during the times the club is closed, there will be a £50 re-joining fee if payments are stopped.

Discount of 20% will be given to siblings, parents and University students (i.e. with the most senior membership subscription paid in full): University and Senior £29.60, Junior £22.40 per calendar month.

If payments are not made club attendance will be charged at £10 per session attended.

The club will be open for a minimum of 42 weeks each year.

Membership to Plymouth Fencing Club includes:

First two weeks free of charge for new members

10% off Plymouth Fencing Camps. 10% off Leon Paul Fencing equipment.

Plymouth Fencing Loyalty Card Scheme

Fencing loyalty cards are available at the club, Senior cards £80/10 sessions, Junior £64/10sessions made payable to club account.

Photographic and videoing policy

Plymouth Fencing Club’s policy is in line with the guidelines set out by British Fencing. Its aim to keep children and young people safe with particular regard to social media.

Any queries to: